The Bubble

How does the Bubble « flies »?

The Bubble is powered by two electrical engines, located inside the hull, allowing it to flies above the water using the hydrodynamic lift: the air above the aisle draws the vehicle towards the top and allows it to rise above the water and stay there.

What are the Bubble’s dimensions?

The Bubble is comparable in size to a car, 4.98 meters long and 2.20 meters wide. It has been designed in this way to be transportable by container, thus facilitating its transport.

How many passengers can carry a Bubble?

In this first version, the Bubble has four passengers’ seats and one pilot.

When will it be possible to move around using a Bubble on the Seine River?

The first Bubbles’ tests will roll-on in September this year. If Paris becomes one of our long-term partners, it will be possible to use them starting in 2018.

Can the Bubble fly on the sea?

Yes, the Bubble can fly on the sea. We have ensured that all types of waterways are tested during our tests. Designed to fly in an urban environment, the Bubble is not able to cross seas or bays with excessively high waves. The Bubble can therefore sail with waves up to 40 cm high, as in Monaco Bay for example.

Do we have to wear life jacket inside the Bubble?

As on a boat, wearing a life jacket in not mandatory but for security reasons they are on the boat for each passenger.

Is there a minimum age or height to get into a Bubble?

No, there is no minimum age nor height to take a Bubble ride. Everyone is invited! We are providing booster seats for kids.

Can I take a Bubble with my kid’s stroller? Under which conditions?

As in a taxi, folded strollers are accepted in the Bubble.

The Dock

How long is the Dock?

The dock is 38 meters long and 11.5 meters wide.

What are the Bubble’s dimensions?

The Bubble is about the size of an urban car, or 2,7 meters wide by 4,5 meter long. It currently has 4 Bubbles’ spots but we are working towards a docks’ catalogue, offering various options and alternatives to fit as many waterways and situations as possible.

How does the Dock work ?

The Dock is functioning with clean energies. It is combining different renewable energies; solar-powered, hydraulic and wind-powered. Our idea is to make the Docks fully autonomous and therefore, only use the energy we are producing. In some cities, we are even planning on giving some energy back to the city as we will be able to over-produce, due to the numerous available resources.


Is it possible to drive a Bubble by myself?

The fluvial transportation is extremely regulated and for security reasons, a license and a specific formation are mandatory. We will therefore have specific pilots to drive them, for more comfort and security.



Is the access available to wheelchairs users?

For now, the Bubbles are not accessible to wheelchairs. However, our R&D is working on it so we can provide the access to everyone.


Is SeaBubbles looking for partners?

If you think that your company or organisation can work with us, please send a presentation of your company and a project through the contact form.

Press / Media

How can I get more information on SeaBubbles?

You can download the Press Kit, some pictures and videos on the Press Area if you would like to.

Plan an article or a video about SeaBubbles?

Please send your request through the Contact Form.

Other questions ?

You have a suggestion or some ideas that you would like to share with us ?

Please feel free to send us a message through our contact form.

Where is the name SeaBubbles coming from ?

Alain Thebault and his second daughter, Héloïse had the idea during a car ride home. Combining the water and the air, we decided to keep the name.

Who is running SeaBubbles?

Today, we are a small team, including engineers, creators, sales people, financiers, communicants. Our will is to build a strong team, allowing everyone, from our intern to our CEO to give his or her point of view on topics that are regarding the entire process, from the seats’ colour to the next city we are going to. Together, we are not running the company, but developing this start-up in order to make the world a better place.

Woul You like to join us?

We are a fast and strong growing company, always looking for people ready to be part of our project. Please check our LinkedIn if an offer is matching your expectations. If not, feel free to send us your spontaneous application at careers@seabubbles.com